Tee Masters Golf Club

Tee Masters is a well established golf club located in the city of Los Angeles.
We are, and have been a member of the Western States Golf Association (WSGA) for over fifty years.
Our membership is comprised of both men and women of all skill levels.

Sponsor a Tee Masters Golf Tournament

If you would like to Sponsor a Tournament or simply a hole or two, please complete the online
Sponsorship Request as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you on and off the course.

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Golf for Beginners

Unfortunately, golf doesn't have the best reputation for welcoming in new players.

Golf Frustration

Playing golf is and will always be fun,
except for those times when it isn't.

Confidence in Your Game

Develop Confidence in Your Golf Game. Things that can't be seen on the course.

Make a Donation to the Tee Masters Youth Program

I am unable to be a sponsor however, I would like to contribute to your youth program.